The Afro Latin Live Music Festival


Founded by La Connexional, The Afro Latin Live Music Festival YEG is the first and only festival of its kind in Western Canada.

Established in 2017, La Connexion Afro Latina better known as La Connexional is a social enterprise that strives to showcase the talents and contributions of the African, Caribbean, and Latin communities in Canada through a variety of mediums, while focusing on building capacity within these communities. These mediums serve to create spaces that encourage acceptance and understanding between these groups as well as within the greater Edmonton, Albertan, and Canadian communities.

Western Canada's Hottest Wintter Festival is an inclusive, welcoming and divserse celebration of the uniqueness of African, Caribbean, and Latin cultures through music, dance, art, education, and entrepreneurship.

The AxL Festival provides a “glimpse” into the rich and diverse cultures of people of African, Caribbean, and Latin descent.